DOW Q1 2016 Uptrending

Prices bounced off the QMFMLU and are moving back to the QMFML.

The wave count has bee UPDATED and we are in monthly wave 2, and the target for pivot M2 is the orange circle. Ideal timing is June / July between 14000 and 12600, with the ideal target of 13412.

Support and resistance are colour coded as normal - Quarterly gold, Monthly orange and weekly red.

DOW Q1 2016

2 Responses to DOW Q1 2016 Uptrending

  1. RobertS says:

    Hi Mark, DJIA seems to be moving away from your M2 target. I am still on the fence as to where & when to enter. Would you care to update your DJIA charts now that Q1 and March have passed? Thank you for efforts – very enlightening!

    • Marc says:

      Quickly the two bold lines are the ML intersection it is heading for.
      If it makes a marginal high then there is a wave break failure which is a recalculation point.

      Am just trying to sort the webinar stuff so that more of us can get some of this stuff upto date and keep on top of it!

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