DOW INDU – Latest update – 2014 Jan 31

UPDATE 31 JAN 2013

US DOW H 20140131

ORIGINAL - 10 April 2013

Starting with monthly trend channel

US DOW 130410 M channel

Prices have worked through resistance into upper channel and should work their way to the upper D internal parallel where resistance is expected.


We can see from M012 that prices are moving towards the ML. We can see W1 made the ML but W2 did not make the MLL - however the M012SP contains the full price swings where the ML was overshot and completed an expected amplitude.

US DOW M012SP to W2

D1 did not make W012ML - warning that D2 may fall below W012MLL. 


Also to add to the CAUTION we can see how prices moved in relation to W012SP to D2!

US DOW W012SP to D2

RETROSPECTIVELY we can see D1 on the  at the W trend channel UIL (Upper internal parallel) and D2 was made on the lower trend channel parallel. From M012SP this may be that D1 and D2 are Weekly pivots as we almost have an amplitude of M012SP to D1 - CAUTION.

US DOW M012SP to W2

Assuming D1 and D2 as shown, Prices have worked their way through D012ML amd are expected to make D012MLU. d1 never made the ML and hence CAUTION this may be c1 and we are in an extreme d wave, especially considering d2 did not fall below the MLL.

US DOW D012 and Channel

We can see that we are still in a d uptrend and prices are moving within the d012 channel.

US DOW d012 and Trend channel

Prices have worked their way back ti the MLU from d4, however never made the MLU, and the correction never made the MLL, and hence are c1 and c2, putting us in wave c3/d5/D3/W3/M3. The ideal wave target projected a few weeks ago can be seen.

2 Responses to DOW INDU – Latest update – 2014 Jan 31

  1. Marc says:

    I have updated SPX TL D and SPX W
    There is one important change to all US and DAX counts – what was previously D3 has been downgraded to d3 – what this means it that we have just passed the mid point of this bull market off the 2009 low.

    Still unable to attach images! so see updated chart above.

    Low on US indices should be in by mid next week
    Dow Ideal 15593, but could go as low as 15550

  2. Marc says:

    Still within channel

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