DOW Y 2016 Uptrending

Below are the projections on the yearly fractal. I have constructed it back and yearly support and resistance is bolded. Unbolded are Quarterly.

DOW Y from 1929

This is log scaled due to for lack of better wording "time warp".

Yearly support stands at 5695 and resistance at 30112 and 65824.

The projected top; Early 2023 37000, Ideal 2031 42000, Late 2036 70000

I should be around then to see how close this!

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  1. Hermann says:

    The DOW outbreak catched me by surprise.
    My failure was somewhat before. I did not really recognize the Daily wave failure in June this year with only a 1/8 fork down. That was highly bullish.
    The same occured to the downside on a lower fractal before the Flash crash of August 2015.
    So it was no surprise that the wave doubled up, so i was one fractal wrong. More i doubt, because that would not fit to the monthly wave structure.
    The election brought us the next wave failure, this time with a 1/4 fork, but the fitting fork in the shadow of the nightly future market.
    So i see another double up even if i can hardly believe that bullishness. This should work out highly volatile at least, or we will see a wave failure to the other side as well to some time coming, with bad things happening.

    So if i see a kiss of the old high from the upside i will be in for good to follow the measurement.
    Comments and analysis is very welcome.

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