Wilshire 5000

Someone asked about the Wilshire 5000 count so as all US indices are more or less the same I thought I would us this one to update the US market situation!

US Wilshire5000 D 201407221 from 2009

It like other US indices except the Nasdaq which arguably is one fractal count smaller because of the crash off the 2000 bubble, is as follows;

Currently we are in wave Q5, M3, W3, D5, d4, c4! so approaching pivot W3, which is the top off the 2012 bottom! So the bull market has a way to go yet, however a 2012 drop is approaching soon( how soon - have not looked in detail) however by the end of Q1 2015 we will have a top off the 2011 bottom!

A slightly more detailed look at the end game of Weekly wave 3 will be in before early November. Briefly it looks like a slightly lower low is needed, a new high, a lower low and final high to complete W3.

US Wilshire 5000 20140722 detail


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