US Indices – UPDATE 16 July 2013

US indices - UPDATE 16 July 2013

Well it has been a while!!! We set off on our boat and I am doing part time - so far we made it to Oman and are enjoying the local hospitality whilst spending alot of time finishing the boat for our passage to India hopefully in September where we are hoping to catch the tail end of the monsoon!


US INDU 130716

We are in wave D5 which looks to be topping sometime early August around the 16K which as you can see will offer considerable resistance with W012ML, Q234MLU and The yearly trendline off the 1929 top so am expecting W3 to be made here which will be followed by a drop to 14-15K. So expect some volatile trading - possibly linked with the German elections!!!!!!

S&P500 - SPX

US SPX 130716

Similar picture to INDU - targeting 1760ish.

Russel - RUT

US RUT 130716 D

Russel target 1060ish.

Nasdaq - COMPQ

US COMPQ 20130716 D

Target 3850ish also early August.

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