Russel – Monthly 10Dec2013

Time to expand and get some updating whilst internet not too bad in India!

We are approaching M3 which should be in after the Christmas Rally, looking like end of first week of January, but could run into mid year, followed by a correction into Q4, before making final high in Q3 2015 and then the bear market begins of the 1932 lows for the optimistic, and for those of you that believe in the 300 odd year East West cycles that will be the top of the Wests turn, handing back over to the East!

US RUT 20131210 Monthly

There is a chance which you will see in the Daily update of the recent top being M3, as it was to the day the same length as Q4 to M1! So for traditional EW dudes it is not the top as wave 3 must be the longest!


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