IBEX Monthly – July 2014

Spains IBEX has completed Q-4 and now has started the final decline. From it's top in 2007 it has been 7 years so far and based on European and governmental interference the total decline of take upto 26 years according to Martin Armstrong - so another 19 years to its bottom! Just look at Japan when free markets are not allowed to cleanse.

Europe IBEX Correctio to 2032 20140710103904

And the wave formation to Q-4

Europe IBEX Q-4 2014071010

Good potential investment for grandchildren!



3 Responses to IBEX Monthly – July 2014

  1. Gabriel says:

    Hello Marc,
    Its Gabi here, from Spain.
    I’m also in Tony’s group.
    Trying to learn.

    We don’t have enough historical data for the Ibex in order to identificate the begining of the Quarterly fractal.
    Why are you labeling the 2000 peak as pivot Q3 and not Q1?

    • Marc says:

      Simply – 2009 low is lower than the MF Q MLL.

      Real world – politically it is dead as we can see by the governments banning public voting in Catalonia referendum and it is broke like the rest of the PIGS.
      However the main reason is its failure to make new highs since and its 2012 low is lower than its 2009 low and it needs to make its 5th low……. if you look at Japan that took about 25 years if we even are there yet!

  2. Marc says:

    Elizabeth – just was looking at Ibex today as it has been a while

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