DAX 2018, Y, Q2 May


  • Resistance: Cyclical 15735
  • Support: Cyclical - 10180, 9700, 5677; Pivotal - 8151, 8136, 3588
  • Timing: 2019, 2022, 2026

There are no signs of the uptrend being over! This is the second attempt for prices to break through the ML and a open for 2019 below 14000 will result in a consolidation that could take until 2022 to decide its direction.

Quarterly Q2

  • Resistance: Cyclical 13753, 13972; Pivotal - 13596
  • Support: Cyclical - 11718, 10555; Pivotal - 12390, 8699, 7600, 4965
  • Timing: 2019 Q1, 2020 Q1, 2021 Q1

Consolidation is most likely to continue until Q1 2019 when we should start to see new highs from Q2.


  • Resistance June: Cyclical - 13335, 14409; Pivotal - Q 13596  
  • Support: Cyclical - 12187, 12090; Pivotal - 12951, 11726, 11868, 9214
  • Timing: September, 2019 February, June

We have had a nice wave 1 to the ML. If prices break through in the remainder of May and we get a June open above 13335 then in August we should see new highs. A open below 13335 will mean either wave 1 is subdividing (June low must be greater than 12312 (from weekly)). A June low below 12312 means we are getting a consolidation and are getting subwaves which will put new highs into early 2019.

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  1. Gleb says:

    12676 area is on monthly level first reversal, but i use them in extrim so i usually half them, so on up side we looking at 13101.05 on DAX is high for this month . This is where i am confused to say the list we have nothing to support on down side at least until 9181.88 can we discuss this issues. As i can see (just my personal opinion) we are at the moment of CPR on euro 115780 area is look strong and 125800 is top level.I would like to see your view and brief explanation or correction of what i put above. Many thanks

  2. Gleb says:

    Thanks Mark, could you have a look at smaller time frame as to daily and hourly .Many thanks

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