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Why so few updates???

Over the last 2 or 3 months I have posted little. The reason is I have been trying to understand this madness going on around us on this wonderful planet and there must be a reason for it because there … Continue reading

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Interesting analysis to help understand what is going on!

I have found this site very interesting and insightful of the bigger picture of what is going on and views on why. Maybe you will. One thing I have found recently is when I am looking for alternative … Continue reading

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US Futures Show Top Today / Tomorrow

I have had a quick look at US futures and they look like high probability tops today except NQ tomorrow.

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Capital Flows – Has FED Excess Reserves Of Depository Institutions Changed Trend?

When ever I see waves I count and then measure…… Is this forewarning of loss of confidence in government and the system with institutions shifting their money – It certainly looks like a change in trend!  

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Total Insanity of uncontrolled greed!

This is really the most disgraceful genocidal thing I have come across and find it shameful how mankind can actually allow governments to behave in such an insane manner, and worse how uncontrolled greed overcomes humanity.   I am not … Continue reading

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