Predictable – you judge!

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Finding your way around.

MAP Wave analysis is based on the combination of my modifications of Elliott Waves, Babston's Action and Reaction, and, Andrews Pitchforks, all of which unfortunately are so misapplied. It would appear that they all took their secrets with them to their graves.
Their principles are so simplistic, and being a believer in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) I quickly took to them.
To me it was clear though that it was not the result of Newtonian physics, but human behavior!

MAP Wave Analysis gives unemotional high probability projections, BUT ONLY IF YOU USE THE CORRECT PIVOTS!
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A good starting point is to speak the same language, so start with the Theory which is supported with the Terminology which you can refer to reiteratively as your understanding increase . For a quick summary see my first publication The Euro as an Example of my Techniques.